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HP NetServer LPr PentiumŪ III processor at 800MHz, Rack

Summary The HP NetServer LPr delivers incredible features and value for fast-growing, demanding networks in its compact, 2U form factor:
  • Up to 2 Intel Pentium III processors at 800MHz with 100MHz front-side bus
  • Up to 1GB memory capacity with registered ECC SDRAM and memory scrubbing
  • Integrated Ultra2 SCSI controller with 80MB/sec data transfer rate
  • Four 32-bit PCI expansion slots
  • Support for 9.0GB (7,200rpm or 10,000rpm) and 18.0GB (7,200rpm or 10,000rpm) low-profile Ultra2 SCSI hot-swap hard disks drives
  • Hot-swappable hard disks: with optional network interface card, supports redundancy, load balancing, and Cisco® Fast EtherChannel®; supports Microsoft Cluster Server
  • Space-efficient design allowing up to 20 servers in a 2-meter rack enclosure; compatible with HP and industry-standard rack enclosures
  • Integrated HP Remote Assistant or optional HP TopTools Remote Control card for secure server access over a modem or LAN/WAN
  • HP TopTools for Servers with Web interface for device management and HP OpenView™ ManageX Event Manager for NOS and application management
  • Support for highly dense, 3U HP NetServer Rack Storage/12 external mass storage enclosures
  • External SCSI connector for backup or external storage devices

Key Specifications

HP NetServer LPr PentiumŪ III processor at 800MHz, Rack

  • Up to two Intel Pentium III procesors at 800MHz with 100MHz front side bus
  • 256KB on-die cache per 800MHz processor
I/O Expansion Slots
  • Four total 32-bit PCI: three full-length slots, one half-length slot occupied by preinstalled 10/100TX NIC
  • Integrated Ultra2 SCSI controller with 80MB/sec data transfer rate
Mass Storage System
  • Four front-accessible (half-height) shelves
    • Two low-profile shelves for hot-swappable drives
    • One 3.5-inch flexible disk drive
    • One CD-ROM drive
Maximum Internal Storage
  • 36.4GB maximum (using two 18.2GB low-profile drives)
  • Integrated; supports 1024 × 768, 256-color resolution at 60-75Hz
  • 1MB standard video memory upgradable to 2MB
  • Super VGA drivers available with operating system
CD-ROM Drive
  • 24X Max-speed EIDE CD-ROM drive
Flexible Disk Drive
  • 3.5-inch 1.44MB flexible disk drive
Built-in I/O Ports
  • One external 68-pin single-ended SCSI port
  • One 25-pin parallel port
  • Two 9-pin serial/RS-232 ports
  • Video port
  • Mini-DIN keyboard and mouse ports
  • One remote management port (9-pin)
Self-Restart Capacity
  • Automatic Server Restart (ASR) that reboots the server in the event of a NOS hang
Self-Correcting Memory
  • Manageable Error Checking and Correcting (ECC) system memory and ECC cache memory
Testing Features
  • Extensive built-in self-test
  • HP Server Saver Hardware Test Disk
Hot-Swap Disk Drives
  • Supports 9.1GB (7,200rpm or 10,000rpm), and 18.2GB (7,200rpm or 10,000rpm) low-profile Ultra2 SCSI disk drives
  • Hot-swap and hot-spare support
Installation and Configuration
  • HP NetServer Navigator with automated, menu-driven system setup and configuration
  • Guided network operating system installation
  • Automatic installation of monitoring tools
  • Event-specific status indicators
Remote Administration
  • Integrated HP Remote Assistant provides emergency remote access via modem with a single event log and expanded inventory data collection for faster troubleshooting
  • Optional HP TopTools Remote Control card provides secure server access via LAN/WAN using Web browser-based interface, for troubleshooting and expanded diagnostics capabilities
  • File transfer capabilities for secure and easy remote updates
  • HP TopTools for Servers, a comprehensive server management solution with an intuitive browser-based user interface; facilitates troubleshooting, administration, and information collection
  • Industry-leading HP OpenView ManageX Event Manager for managing the operating system
  • Easy integration with other leading network and system management products
Rack Configuration
Rack-Optimized Design
  • 2U form factor (3.5-inch height)
  • Physically compatible with HP and industry-standard racks; fits four different sizes of rack enclosure (41,33, 25, and 14 EIA units)
Supported Operating Systems
  • Novell Netware and IntranetWare
  • Microsoft® Windows NT® Server 3.51 and 4.0
  • SCO OpenServer and UnixWare
  • IBM OS/2 Warp Server
  • Red Hat Linux 5.2/6.0
Security and Safety
System Security
  • Startup password
  • Enable or disable serial port, flexible disk drives, and write operations to flexible disk drives
Service and Support
  • Three-year, next-business day, onsite limited warranty from HP or authorized resellers (standard business hours) worldwide
Reseller Support Services
  • Comprehensive reseller support framework to ensure successful support of HP NetServers, includes:
    • Proactive Notification e-mail service
    • Service and support Web site
    • Server Management and Hardware Troubleshooting courses (STAR)
    • Troubleshooting Toolkit
    • 24 × 7 telephone support for authorized resellers
    • BusinessBuilders Reseller Support Note: See for details
HP NetServer Racks Express
  • Easy and quick server deployment: Complete HP NetServer solutions are delivered to your reseller, or your site, within four weeks of receipt of order, with components such as HP NetServers, racks, PDUs, cables, RAID storage, and switchboxes installed and configured.
  • Dramatic time savings: Because a system from HP NetServer Racks Express is delivered pre-configured to your site, power-on is reduced from days to hours.
  • Easy customization: Your reseller and HP Sales Representative will work together with you to design HP NetServer solutions that meet your unique needs.
  • Convenience: HP NetServer Racks Express services deliver preassembled rack systems in four weeks or less at a single economical price per rack.
Operating Temperature
  • 41–95°F (5–35°C)
Operating Humidity
  • 20%–80% noncondensing
Acoustic Emissions
  • Sound pressure (LpA): <49 dB(A), bystander position
Power Supply
  • Auto-ranging
    • Nominal 115VAC: 88VAC–140VAC at 47–63Hz
    • Nominal 230VAC: 180VAC–264VAC at 47–63Hz
Power Availability
  • 200W continuous
Power Consumption
  • 305W maximum with 110/240V supply
System Thermal Output
  • 1041 BTU/hour
System Dimensions
  • 17.6 inches Wide × 28 inches Deep × 3.5 inches High (447mm Wide × 771mm Deep × 89mm High)
System Weight
  • 37 lb (17 kg)
Regulatory Compliance
Electromagnetic Immunity
  • Generic Immunity (EN50082-1, EU Countries), including:
    • ESD (IEC-801-2): 4KV Contact, 8KV Air
    • Radiated Immunity (IEC-801-3): 3V/m, 80% AM Mod, 27MHz-1000MHz
    • EFT (IEC-801-4): 1.0KV Power, 0.5KV I/O lines
Electromagnetic Emissions
  • FCC Title 47, CFE, Part 1 Class A Self Declaration (USA)
  • EN 55022 Class A (EU Countries)
  • M of C Class A (Korea)
  • VCCI Class A (Japan)
  • CISPR 22 Class A (Australia/New Zealand)
  • BSMI Class A (Taiwan)
  • EN 60950/IEC 950 Compliance (International)
  • UL and cUL Listed (USA and Canada File E139742)
  • Highly Specialized Equipment (Mexico)
  • TÜV Certified (Germany)
  • CE Marking (Europe)
Japan Energy Saving Law
  • Category: L
  • Energy Efficiency Ratio: 0.23
  • Energy Efficiency Ratio is the quotient that consumed power measured according to the Energy Saving Law measurement method divided by the capacity specified in the Energy Saving Law

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