AD542C - HP StorageWorks M5314C FC Drive Enclosure


Is management of your storage array complex and costly. Need to simplify your management tasks?
  • The EVA4100/6100/8100 combined with HP StorageWorks Command View EVA aggregates and automates management tasks to easily provision storage when capacity changes with just a fewer clicks. The EVA provides industry leading automatic LUN growth and shrink with Dynamic Capacity Manager
As your needs for additional capacity grows, would you like to lower your cost of ownership?
  • EVA provides lower total cost of ownership through savings in IT support and less unplanned downtime for more affordable data center management. See ROI Case Study on EOHSI
Investment protection
  • State-of-the-art virtualization improves performance, disk usage, and allows for easy dynamic expansion. EVA's also offers support for integrated iSCSI connectivity, IP Distance Gateway for Continuous Access EVA, SAN over WAN and EVA File Services.
Virtually instantaneous Snapclone and capacity-free Snapshot (Vsnap) and Delta Resync (Mirrorclone)
  • Virtually instantaneous Snapclone and capacity-free Snapshot (Vsnap) and Delta Resync (Mirrorclone)Allows immediate use of the clone copy, saving significant time. And provides a very efficient, low cost local data replication option. Saves disk space and improves disk efficiency and utilization.
Do you want to manage your storage array from a single view point?
  • The power of the HP tools, such as Storage Essentials and ProLiant Essentials, easily integrates your EVA into your overall management framework.
Do you need an affordable array controller with excellent reliability and availability?
  • Shown to be reliable with 99.999% planned uptime. Minimize planned downtime with online firmware upgrades and automated drive upgrades. EVA’s fully switched architecture with multiple redundant paths from the controllers to the data provides better data availability compared to traditional arbitrated loop configurations.
Does your SAN environment require disaster tolerant solutions that span
  • Superior business continuity solutions such as MetroCluster, Cluster Extensions, and Continuous Access journaling make EVA available.
Do you need to minimize the costs associated with data center environmental expenses?
  • Compared to a traditional array, an EVA can store 30% more data with the same amount of disk capacity. Integration with the new HP Dynamic Smart Cooling energy management system. This system actively manages the environment to deliver cooling where it is needed most, enabling essential cost savings to end users.
Comprehensive SAN Management, Service and Support Tools and Customer Self Repair
  • SAN management tools and Customer Self Repair to improve service levels and meet customer flexibility requirements. HP Systems Insight Manager server-storage management application, HP Instant Support Enterprise Edition (ISEE) provide proactive remote monitoring for high availability.
Do you need to increase service deliver and support for uses in your application environment?
  • Outstanding virtualization ensures the disks in the array are used efficiently, providing automated load leveling which eliminates stranded capacity, keeping drives busier, providing superior performance. New controllers with up to 24% improved performance. Current IOPs go here?
Fault tolerant features
Dual Redundant controllers; power supplies; fans; power distribution units; Hot pluggable power supplies, fans, cache batteries, I/O modules, environmental monitoring units, disks
Number of controllers included
Configured drive size
146GB 10K rpm; 300GB 10K rpm; 146GB 15K rpm; 300GB 15K rpm; 500GB FATA
Weight (imperial)120 lb
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