207552-B22 - HP R12000XR N+X Hi Volt Uninterruptible Pwr System


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  • Superior power conditioning and thermal efficiency with On-line technology and Unity Rating: When apparent power (VA) equals true power (Watts), the UPS is said to be unity rated (or power factor correction=unity=maximum efficiency). The unity rated R12000 XR is more efficient, and provides improved power flow and thermal management (vs non-unity rated UPSs). Also, the R12000 XR uses online (also known as the double conversion) technology. The online UPS converts the incoming facility AC power (including sags, surges, spikes, noise) into DC power that feeds the battery. The DC battery output is then converted into clean, filtered, and constant AC voltage output (at a pre-set desired value), ensuring reliable, conditioned power feeding to your connected servers and other IT equipment.
  • High Availability and fault tolerance with "N+x" Parallel Redundant architecture: Through a combination of four 3KW/3KVA modules, the UPS R12000 XR meets rigorous redundancy and fault tolerant requirements - where "x" is the number of reserve modules should a module fail. A unique patented state-of-the-art wireless paralleling technology allows all the modules to function independently of each other (each electronics module houses its own electronics and also the logic). Should one of the modules fail then the remaining modules seamlessly redistribute the new load requirement through an automatic load sharing process (with transparent transfer time). And since both the logic and electronics are housed in the each of the individual 3kVA modules (and not in the enclosure as with most competitive UPSs), this technology eliminates system-level single point of failure.
  • State-of-the-art "Wireless Paralleling" Technology: With its high speed Digital Signal Processing (DSP) design, the R12000 XR enables paralleling for redundancy with no inter-module communication. Via a patented wireless paralleling technology, all necessary information for paralleling is available using only the modules' output power wave form. By using a mathematical firmware approach to paralleling for redundancy, wireless paralleling eliminates single points of failure such as in communication wiring and added circuitry between the modules. Therefore, the 100% mathematical firmware is more reliable than traditional paralleling that uses communication wiring between modules. The load share control algorithms maintain synchronization and load balance by constantly making minute adjustments to variations in the output power requirements. In a traditional parallel UPS system, load sharing required communications wiring between the modules, which introduced single points of failure.
  • Ease of serviceability through hot-swappable battery electronics modules, and Flash ROM technology: The R12000 XR has modular design architecture, consisting of four independent 3KVA modules. And each module is hot swappable. Further, a built-in automatic bypass feature ensures continuous power to your connected load even while the modules are being replaced. The Flash ROM technology provides easy field upgradeability of the firmware while load remains powered up - Ease of maintenance and serviceability; Faster time to repair; Automatic and manual bypass; Increased flexibility through modular design
  • Increase battery back-up time with up to two Extended Runtime Modules: UPS R12000 XR supports a maximum of two Extended Runtime Modules (ERM), to further increase your battery back-up time, should you have a sudden brief power outage. Each ERM is 4U high, and consists of two battery packs. When operating at the HP recommended 80% load, each ERM will extend the available battery back up time by up to 15 minutes. For more information on battery back up times, please refer to the Back-up Times Chart.
Communications serial ports
Two; DB9 RS232 connectors
Communications option cards
SNMP/Serial Port Card
Communications LED indicators
Five modes of operation; standby, operate, bypass, battery, and redundant.
Battery type
Each module contains maintenance-free, sealed valve regulated lead-acid (VRLA) batteries with an 8-year min. float service. Each Battery Module consists of four 12v Lead Acid batteries.
Hot-swap batteries
Electrical input connection
Hardwired, single phase
Electrical input REPO
R12000 XR includes an isolated REPO (Remote Emergency Power Off) port. The REPO feature allows the power to the UPS outlets to be switched off from a remote location.
Electrical output connections
Hardwired (x1 40A PDU shipped with the UPS, p/n: 252663-B21; (32) IEC320-C13 & (4) IEC320-C19 outlets; 0U/1U).
Operating voltage
200-240 VAC
Extended runtime modules (amount)
Operating humidity range5 to 95% non-condensing
Operating temperature range10° to 40° C
Non-operating altitude0 to 30,000 ft (9,144 m) above sea level
SafetyFCS, UL, CSA, VDE, NEMKO, FIMKO, DEMKO, SEMKO, NOM, EN 60950 & IEC61000-4-X (Safety Markings); UL1778; CSA22.2 No.107.1, No.107.2, No.950; CB Bulletin No.86AI; EN50091-1; EN60950; EMKO-TSE207/95; NOM-019-SCFI-1993 (Safety Certifications)
Dimensions, metric44.45 x 72.64 x 44.45 cm
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