245160-B21 - HP 10647 (47U) Rack


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  • Unique Frame and Rail Design: enables fast assembly, easy mounting and outstanding structural integrity. Equipment installation effort is dramatically reduced because the vertical mounting system was specifically designed to minimize the time required to install HP products, and can be used with many other non-HP products as well. U markings on the front and sides of rails make it easy to align parts when installing equipment. Cut outs in the rails also allows for cabling between racks.
  • Thermal Integrity: Front to back natural convection cooling is greatly enhanced by the innovative multi-angled design of the front door. For additional heat removal, an optional roof mounted fan kit can be easily installed.
  • Security Provisions: Front and rear doors are lockable, which provides the necessary level of security to prevent unauthorized entry. Side panels are also lockable allowing for your entire rack row to be secure.
  • Flexibility: Outstanding cable management features make it easy to develop effective solutions and easy to maintain. Cable egresses in the top of the rack allow for ample room for routing cables outside of the rack. The split rear doors give ample access to rack mounted equipment without blocking rack rows while the removable panel gives added flexibility for cable routing. Velcro straps are provided in the hardware bag for clean cable bundling within the rack.
  • Loading Capacity: HP has increased the maximum loading capacity up to 2000 lb. Allowing the rack to be completely full of equipment and shipped when using a shock pallet.
Rack capacity
UNSPC code43201609
Shipping optionsStandard pallet
Weight111 kg
Dimensions (W x D x H)60.96 x 100.82 x 228.5 cm
Shipping optionsShock Pallet
Dimensions, metric60 x 100 x 72.4 cm
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