AG907AT - HP StorageWorks DAT 160 SCSI Internal Tape Drive/Top Value


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Host interface
Ultra160 LVD SCSI
Buffer size
16 MB; Included
Compatible operating systems
Microsoft® Windows®, Novell NetWare, HP-UX, Linux (various distributions), HP Tru64, HP OVMS, IBM AIX, Sun Solaris
Storage capacity
160 GB; Maximum, compressed 2:1
Seek time
50 seconds
Transfer rate in sustain mode
13.8 MB/s (native)
Burst transfer rate performance
6.9 MB/s (asynchronous); 160 MB/s (synchronous)
Compressed capacity
160 GB
Native capacity
80 GB
Drive type
DAT 160, DAT 72, DDS-4
Logical recording format
Partial Response Maximum Likelihood (PRML)
Data transfer rate
49.3 GB/hr; Maximum, compressed 2:1
Mean time between failures
125,000 hours at 100% duty cycle
Recording technology
DAT 160
16 MB
Encryption type
WORM capability
Form factor
5.25 inch half height
One button disaster recovery
Uncorrected error rate
1 x 10(17) bits read
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