C5653C - HP StorageWorks dat24eu tape drive


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Network interface
Single-ended, narrow SCSI-2
I/O port
Single-ended, narrow Ultra2 SCSI
External I/O ports
Single-ended, narrow Ultra2 SCSI
Power requirements
100 - 240 V, 0.8 A, 50-60 HZ
Compatible operating systems
Microsoft® Windows® 95/98, Microsoft® Windows® NT (Workstation, Server), Microsoft® Windows® 2000 (Professional, Server), Novell NetWare 4.x and 5.x, Red Hat Linux (5.2 and 6)
Operating system installed
Novell NetWare 3.1x, 4.x and 5.x, Microsoft® Windows® 95/98/2000, XP LE, NT 3.5 and later, HP 9000, HP-UX 10.2 and later, SCO Unix 3.2.4, UNIXware 2.x, Macintosh 7.0 and later. SunOS 4.1 and later, Sun Solaris 2.3 and later, IBM AIX 3.2.5 and later, Silicon Graphics IRIX 5.1 and later, DEC OSF/1 1.2 and later
Search speed performance
40 sec average file access using a DDS-3 data cartridge.
Transfer rate in sustain mode
1 MB/s (3.6 GB/h) native, typically 2 MB/s (7.2 GB/h) with hardware data compression using DDS-3 data cartridge
Burst transfer rate performance
10 MB/s maximum synchronous
Compressed capacity
24 GB
Maximum capacity
12 GB native, up to 24 GB with hardware data compression
Native capacity
12 GB
Logical recording format
Mean time between failures
200,000 hours at 12% duty cycle
Form factor
5.25 inch, half-height, or 3.5 inch, half-height
Weight1.95 kg
Dimensions (W x D x H)95 x 116 x 220 mm
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