Q1441A - HP Coated Paper-841 mm x 45.7 m (33.11 in x 150 ft)

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ImageProduct NumberProduct Name
C6074AHP Designjet 1050C A0/E Color Printer
C6074BHP Designjet 1050c Plus Printer
C6075AHP Designjet 1055CM A0/E Color Printer
C6075BHP Designjet 1055cm Plus Printer
C6084AHP DesignJet 3800CP Printer (54in/1.37m)
C6085AHP DesignJet 2800CP Printer (36in/0.91m)
C6090AHP DesignJet 5000 Printer (42 inch)
C6091AHP DesignJet 5000 PS Printer (42 inch)
C6095AHP DesignJet 5000 Printer (60 inch)
C6096AHP DesignJet 5000 PS Printer (60 inch)
C7770BHP Designjet 500 (42-inch) printer
C7770CHP Designjet 500ps (42-inch) printer
C7770FHP Designjet 500 Plus 42-in Roll Printer
C7770GHP Designjet 500ps Plus 42-in Printer
C7779BHP Designjet 800 Printer (24 in)
C7779CHP Designjet 800ps Printer (24 in)
C7780BHP Designjet 800 Printer (42 in)
C7780CHP Designjet 800ps Printer (42 in)
CH337AHP Designjet 510 1067 mm Printer
CH538AHP Designjet T1200 44-in Printer
CH539AHP Designjet T770 44-in Printer
CJ997AHP Designjet 510ps 1067 mm Printer
CK834AHP Designjet T1200 44-in PostScript Version Printer
CK835AHP Designjet T620 24-in Printer
CK837AHP Designjet T1120 24-in Printer
CK838AHP Designjet T1120ps 610 mm Printer
CK839AHP Designjet T1120 44-in Printer
CK840AHP Designjet T1120ps 44-in Printer
CM719AHP Designjet T1120 SD Multifunction Printer
CM765AHP Designjet 4020 1067 mm Printer
CM766AHP Designjet 4020ps 1067 mm Printer
CM767AHP Designjet 4520 1067 mm Printer
CM768AHP Designjet 4520ps 1067 mm Printer
CM769AHP Designjet 4520 HD Multifunction Printer
CN375AHP Designjet T770 44-in Printer with Hard Disk
CQ113AHP Designjet Z5200 PostScript Printer
CQ532AHP Designjet 111 610 mm Printer with Roll
CQ533AHP Designjet 111 610 mm Printer with Tray
Q1251AHP Designjet 5500 Printer (42 in)
Q1251VHP Designjet 5500 uv Printer (42-inch model)
Q1252AHP Designjet 5500PS Printer (42 in)
Q1252VHP Designjet 5500ps uv Printer (42-inch model)
Q1253AHP Designjet 5500 Printer (60 in)
Q1253VHP Designjet 5500 uv Printer (60-inch model)
Q1254AHP Designjet 5500PS Printer (60 in)
Q1254VHP Designjet 5500ps uv Printer 60-inch model)
Q1262AHP Designjet cc800ps Copier
Q1271AHP Designjet 4500 Printer
Q1272AHP Designjet 4500ps Printer
Q1273AHP Designjet 4000 Printer
Q1274AHP Designjet 4000ps Printer
Q1276AHP Designjet 4500mfp
Q1279AHP Designjet 815mfp
Q5669AHP Designjet Z3100 24-in Photo Printer
Q5669BHP Designjet Z3100 GP 24-in Photo Printer/Advanced Profiling Solution Bundle
Q5670AHP Designjet Z3100ps GP 24-in Photo Printer
Q6648AHP Designjet 5500 MFP
Q6651AHP Designjet Z6100 1067 mm Printer
Q6652AHP Designjet Z6100 1524 mm Printer
Q6653AHP Designjet Z6100ps 1067 mm Printer
Q6654AHP Designjet Z6100ps 1524 mm Printer
Q6659AHP Designjet Z3100 44-in Photo Printer
Q6660AHP Designjet Z3100ps GP 44-in Photo Printer
Q6675AHP Designjet Z2100 24-in Photo Printer
Q6675BHP Designjet Z2100 24 in GP Photo Printer/Advanced Profiling Solution Bundle
Q6675CHP Designjet Z2100 610 mm Photo Printer
Q6677AHP Designjet Z2100 44-in Photo Printer
Q6677CHP Designjet Z2100 1118 mm Photo Printer
Q6683AHP Designjet T1100 24-in Printer
Q6684AHP Designjet T1100ps 24-in Printer
Q6685AHP Designjet 820 MFP
Q6687AHP Designjet T1100 44-in Printer
Q6688AHP Designjet T1100ps 44-in Printer
Q6711AHP Designjet T610 24-in Printer
Q6712AHP Designjet T610 44-in Printer
Q6713AHP Designjet T1100 MFP
Q6719AHP Designjet Z3200 1118 mm Photo Printer
Q6721AHP Designjet Z3200ps 1118 mm Photo Printer
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