301930-B21 - HP StorageWorks ESL9000 Ultrium 230 LVD upgrd dr


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HP One-Button Disaster Recovery (OBDR) restores your entire system at the touch of a button

High-capacity drive that stores 200 GB Ultrium 215 on a single cartridge with 2:1 compression

Data rate matching automatically adjusts drive to the speed of the server and network environment, which increases performance, reduces mechanical wear on the drive, and extends tape life

Fully read-and-write compatible with the HP StorageWorks Ultrium tape drives and Ultrium from other manufacturers

Includes a single-server copy of Yosemite TapeWare backup software with disaster recovery option (Ultrium 215 and Ultrium 230 only)

Active head cleaning provides automated cleaning that increases head life and reduces the need for using the cleaning cartridge

Lower power consumption for maximum reliability at minimum cost

Internal, external, and rack-mounted models available

HP StorageWorks Library and Tape Tools included to help with installation, management, and troubleshooting

Soft-load feature automatically takes the data cartridge and moves it into the load position Advanced tape leader capture design ensures fail-safe cartridge loading Advanced tape leader capture design ensures fail-safe cartridge loading

Mount Type
Upgrade Drive
IO Module Connector
Internal: 68-pin LVDS External: 68-pin HD LVDS Array module: 80-pin
Indicator Types
Activity Indicators
Ready On, Steady The drive is ready for use. It is powered up but not doing anything. On, flashing The drive is busy. For example: it is carrying out Write, Read, Self Test or firmware download. Flashing pattern The drive is in OBDR mode. Off The drive power is off or there was a failure during self-test.
Drive Error Off No fault has been detected. On, flashing The drive has suffered an unrecoverable hardware failure. A power cycle or a successful tape load will turn off the LED, but if the hardware fault is still present it will come on again if the same operation is performed.
Tape Error Off No fault has been detected. On, flashing The tape currently in the drive is faulty. This LED could come on for a number of reasons, but they all relate to the tape being in error in some way, such as unreadable cartridge memory or unsupported tape. Do not use the cartridge; replace it.
Use Cleaning Cartridge or Clean On, steady A cleaning cartridge is being used. The Ready light will also flash. On, flashing The drive needs cleaning. The light will continue to flash if the drive is power cycled, and will only go out after a supported cleaning tape has been used. Off Drive does not require clean
Location Indicators
Front Panel
Front Panel
Front Panel
Front Panel
Cartridge Memory
4.0 KB
Average File-Access Time
71.0 sec
Buffer Memory
16 MB
Rewind Buffer Size
16.0 MB
Rewind Speed
4.1 m/sec
Tape Speed
4.1 m/sec
Data Transfer Rate
15.0 MB/sec
Data Transfer Rate, Note
Sustained Transfer Rate, Compressed
30.0 MB/sec
Sustained Transfer Rate, Native
15.0 MB/sec
Input-output Port
Wide Ultra2 SCSI (LVDS)
Utility Voltage Tolerance, Unit of Measure
Power Supply Total Power, Maximum
32.0 W
Power Supply Total Power, Typical
21.0 W
Compressed Drive Capacity
200.0 GB
Native Drive Capacity
100.0 GB
Number of Installed Drives
SCSI Interface
Wide Ultra2 SCSI (LVDS)
SCSI Interface, Note
SCSI connector Internal: 68-pin LVDS External: 68-pin HD LVDS Array module: 80-pin SCA (SCSI and power)
Media Type, Recording Format
Ultrium 1
Mean Time Between Failure
250000.0 hrs @100% duty cycle
Product Recording Method
Product Recording Technology
Ultrium I - linear format of 384 tracks, writing eight tracks simultaneously
Undetected Error Rate
1x10 17 bits read
Product Data Compression Algorithm
LTO-DC dual-mode compression (an enhanced version of ALDC)
Product Error Detection or Correction
Reed Solomon
Form Factor
5 1/4 inch full height
One-button Disaster Recovery
Maximum Temperature Range, Non-operating (imperial)151.0 ° F
Relative Non-condensing Humidity, Maximum80.0 % non-condensing
Safety Requirement and ApprovalsCSA Certification to C22.2, No. 950 Amd 4, UL Listed to UL 1950 Amd 4, TÜV EN60950 (IEC 950), CE Declaration of Conformity CE 73/23/EEC (amended by 93/68/EED), FCC 47 CFR Parts 2 & 15 with reference to ASNSI C63.4:1992 (CISPR 22:1985 with amendments); C-TICK Approved (AS/NZS 3548), RRL Approved (RRL MIC No. 1996-18), GOSH CB report with deviations; BQIQ Approved (CNS 13438)
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