AA935B - HP StorageWorks ESL630e SDLT Enterprise Library


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HP StorageWorks ESL E-Series Tape Libraries have the ability to scale from 322 to 712 LTO or 286 to 630 SDLT cartridges. At 28.4 TB per square foot, the ESL E-Series minimizes floor space while maximizing storage capacity.

HP StorageWorks ESL E-Series Tape Libraries have the ability to scale to twenty-four SDLT 600/320 tape drives in an ESL630e or Twenty-four Ultrium 960 FC/460 in an ESL712e.

HP StorageWorks Extended Tape Library Architecture (ETLA) simplifies backup through better, more automated management of the entire library. ETLA-based libraries are self-aware, self-managed, and automatically maintained, to simplify monitoring and maintenance.

HP StorageWorks Extended Tape Library Architecture (ETLA) simplifies the installation and integration of the library into the SAN. ETLA-based libraries automate and simplify the entire SAN integration process through a simple point-and-click process.

The HP StorageWorks Extended Tape Library Architecture (ETLA) provides an architectural platform for future library enhancement and investment protection by enabling an easy upgrade path as interface technologies change.

The HP StorageWorks ESL E-Series Tape Library provides the ability to easily partition the library into up to six virtual tape libraries. Partitioning can be used to easily change the tape library configuration to adapt to ongoing changes that take place in the SAN environment.

Supports a mixture of Ultrium 960 FC, Ultrium 460 and SDLT 320/600 tape drives in a single cabinet. This allows customer to easily migrate their library forward as new tape drive technologies become available.

Using the ESL E-Series Cross Link Kit allows two 712e or 630e tape libraries to be connected together as one large frame tape library. This allows for better utilization of existing tape libraries and easier management and support.

The ESL E-Series Cross Link Kit now allows the integration of two physical libraries (either ESL E-Series 712e or 630e) into a larger, single frame library.

Mount Type
Free standing
Sustained Transfer Rate, Compressed
72.0 MB/sec
Sustained Transfer Rate, Note
SDLT 600 drives
Sustained Transfer Rate, Native
36.0 MB/sec
Base Unit Capacity Range, Maximum
378 TB
Compressed Capacity Range, Maximum
378.0 TB
Compressed Cartridge Capacity Note
with SDLT 600 drives
Native Capacity Range, Maximum
189.0 TB
Native Cartridge Capacity Note
with SDLT 600 drives
Number of Installed Drives
SCSI Interface, Note
SCSI Identification Product ID ESL E-Series Vendor ID HP
Maximum Number of Cartridge Slots
Mean Time Between Failure
250000.0 hrs @100% duty cycle
Compression Ratio, Maximum
Maximum Number of Drives
Base Unit, Number of Drives
Hot Plug Support, Note
hot swappable components
Form Factor
Free Standing
Maximum Temperature Range, Non-operating (imperial)151.0 ° F
Relative Non-condensing Humidity, Maximum80.0 %
Maximum Loaded Weight with Packaging (imperial)1294.0 lb
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