AA967A - HP StorageWorks 2300ux 2 UDO Drive Ultra Density Optical Jukebox


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Provides more than three times the storage capacity of the previous Magneto-Optical technology in the same footprint

Improves cost/GB; leveraging highly from the previous generation jukeboxes while increasing the capacity has allowed the cost/GB to decrease by as much as 75% when compared with Magneto-Optical

Provides the ability to have a mixed-drive (Magneto-Optical and Ultra Density Optical) jukebox in the mid-range and high-end. Provides flexibility to read MO media while taking advantage of the new higher capacity UDO media and drives.

Industry-standard LVDS connectivity on all jukeboxes

Improves WORM functionality by using phase change writing for write-once processes. Allows easier compliance with laws and regulations regarding tamper proof electronic files.

Read and write speeds increase by up to 33%

Delivers a compelling technology roadmap, doubling capacity each generation

Based on UDO technology, which delivers the competitive benefits of a standard format

Data Transfer Rate
8.0 MB/sec
Data Transfer Rate, Note
Read, 4MB/sec Write
Maximum Number of Cartridge Slots
Cartridge Slots
Mean Swaps Between Failures
2000000.0 swaps
Mean Time Between Failure
100000.0 hrs
Maximum Number of Drives
Base Unit, Number of Drives
Disk Type, Format
Rewriteable or WORM
Maximum Temperature Range, Non-operating (imperial)140.0 ° F
Relative Non-condensing Humidity, Maximum80.0 % non-condensing
Regulatory ComplianceN3620N3Z
Safety Requirement and ApprovalsIEC 60950, UL 60950, CSA 60950; EMC CISPR 22/class A, CISPR 24 For country specific compliance contact your local sales representative
Maximum Loaded Weight with Packaging (imperial)220.0 lb
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