J4899B - ProCurve 2650 Switch

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ImageProduct NumberProduct Name
H5481EHP 3year 4hour13x5 ProCurve 2650/6108/4/8000 HW Support
J4858BProCurve Gigabit SX LC Mini GBIC
J4859BProCurve Gigabit LX LC Mini GBIC
J4860BProCurve Gigabit LH LC Mini GBIC
J8168AHP ProCurve 600 redundant and Ext. PS
J8169AProCurve 610 External Power Supply
J9012AProCurve Identity Driven Manager 2.0 500 User license applies to all 2.x versions current is 2.3
J9013AProCurve Identity Driven Manager 2.0 Software applies to all 2.x versions current version is 2.3
J9014AProCurve Identity Driven Manager 2.0 2000 User License applies to all 2.x versions current is 2.3
U4826EHP Install Stackable ProCurve 6100 Service
U4830EHP Startup Stackable ProCurve 6100 Service
U6302EHP 3year SupportPlus 24 2650/6108/8000 Service
U6303EHP 3year 4hour 24x7 ProCurve2650/6108/4/8000 HW Support
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