J7951A - HP Jetdirect ew2400 802.11g Wireless Print Server


Simple installation and use

Set up quickly. The HP Jetdirect ew2400 External Print Server is easy to install: the HP Install Network Printer Wizard and a Setup Poster will guide you through the process in just a few mouse clicks. Wireless networking can be set up via wireless or wired methods—and with USB and Ethernet cables included in the box, you can immediately install, set up, and get straight to business.

Manage your printers remotely. Equipped with an embedded Web server, the print server offers one-to-one network configuration and management as well as useful printer information and diagnostics—all from any standard Web browser.

Get status information at a glance. The print server features simple status indicator lights and a test button to assist in set up and ensure seamless operation.


Print with or without wires. Get the best of both worlds, and share HP printers and multi-function products (MFPs) via either wireless or wired networks. Along with 802.11b/g wireless capability, the print server supports Fast Ethernet wired networking for versatile printer sharing.

Set your printer free. As the hub of all your printing jobs, the print server eliminates the need for a PC wholly dedicated to print sharing. And because the printer won’t need a network cable or jack, it offers the option for more convenient printer placement around the office.

Connect with Hi-Speed USB. Easily share network-capable HP printers and MFPs with USB and Hi Speed USB ports. The print server supports all network features of HP MFPs, including network scanning and digital sending.

Easily share your printer in a wireless network. The print server is Wi-Fi certified for compatibility with 802.11b/g wireless networks, so your network-capable HP printer will work reliably in a wireless environment. It also supports both Microsoft® and Apple operating systems for smooth integration into your existing network.

Standard Connectivity
1 HP Jetdirect ew2400 802.11g Wireless and Fast Ethernet External Print Server
Standard Memory
16 MB
Power Consumption (maximum)
7 watts maximum
Flash Memory
4 MB
Embedded Web Server Supported
IPP Supported
Network Protocols Supported
Compatible Network Protocols, TCP/IP, IPX/SPX Direct mode, AppleTalk, IP Direct mode, LPD printing, Telnet, SLP, IGMP, BOOTP/DHCP, WINS, SNMP, HTTP, Auto-IP, Apple Rendezvous compatible, Mac OS 10.2.4 and later
Network Types
802.11g wireless Ethernet, 802.11b wireless Ethernet, Ethernet, Fast Ethernet (802.3)
Number of Simultaneous Printers
Port Configurations
One 802.11g wireless Ethernet port, one RJ-45 (10/100Base-TX) port, one Hi-Speed USB port
Print Job Buffering Supported
Printer Support
Network-capable USB peripherals from HP
Browser Supported
EWS: Microsoft Windows 98, SR2, NT 4, SP6, Me, 2000 Professional, XP Home, XP Professional, 2000 Server supported using Internet Explorer 5.5, 6.0, Mozilla 1.5, 1.6; Mac OS 9.x, 8.6 supports Internet Explorer 5.1.7 Mac; Mac OS X supports Internet Explorer 5.2.3 Mac and Mozilla 1.5, 1.6
Software Included
HP Install Network Printer Wizard for Microsoft Windows, HP Wireless Jetdirect Assistant for Mac OS
Product Weight (US)0.35 lb
Product Dimensions (US)3.9 x 5.1 x 1.3 in
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