U4865E - HP Install 1 LE-Desktop Basic SVC


Service feature highlights
Service feature highlights, header
Service planning
Service deployment
Installation verification tests (IVT)
Service features
Service features, header
Service planning
Service deployment
Installation verification tests (IVT)
Service features
An HP service specialist will plan all the necessary activities with the Customer, including the identification of any prerequisites, and schedule the delivery of the service at a time mutually agreed upon by HP and the Customer, which shall be during local HP standard business hours, excluding HP holidays, unless otherwise agreed by HP. Any services provided outside of HP standard business hours may be subject to additional charges.
As part of the service process, the HP service specialist will verify with the Customer that all service prerequisites have been met prior to delivery of the service.
Service deployment activities may include one or more of the following:
Removing the product from the box, visually inspecting for damage, and replacing or repairing, at HP's discretion, any HP components that were damaged in shipping
Installation of the product according to the manufacturer's product documentation
Consolidating all packaging materials in a nearby location to be designated by the Customer, and notifying the Customer that the materials are ready for removal
Providing basic information to the Customer, including how to place a support call to HP
Deployment activities for hardware may include:
Installing hardware options (extra memory, DVD drive, etc.) purchased on the same order and intended to go into the system box, or installing the add-on option(s) for an existing system
Installing the product into a previously installed rack, if applicable
Installing the necessary cables to integrate printers, monitors, and external storage devices
Physically connecting the equipment to the LAN or WAN, as appropriate
HP will run the appropriate installation verification tests required for this service.
Service limitation
Service limitations, header
Activities such as, but not limited to, the following are excluded from this service:
Service limitations
Service deployment on hardware and/or software not covered by an HP warranty or HP support agreement (except as noted in the ''Service eligibility'' section)
Service deployment on any product covered by a third-party support agreement
Resolution of hardware-related problems encountered during the verification testing process, unless covered by an active HP warranty or an applicable HP Hardware Support agreement
Planning, design, or assessment of the Customer's computing environment, except to identify service prerequisites for the product being installed
Reconfiguration of a factory-racked and configured solution
Reconfiguration of the Customer's existing IT infrastructure
Services that, in the opinion of HP, are required due to unauthorized attempts by non-HP personnel to install, repair, maintain, or modify hardware, firmware, or software
Services required due to causes external to the HP-maintained hardware or software
Any services not clearly specified in this document
Installation of software products as part of basic hardware installation, except as specifically stated in the ''Service deployment'' section, may require the purchase of additional Installation Services.
For factory-racked solutions, the service covers installation of one rack at one site.
Service eligibility
Service eligibility
Only HP products and HP-supported products that are sold by HP or an HP authorized reseller, are eligible for HP Installation Service.
When an existing system or environment into which a product is to be installed under the terms of this service is not covered by a current HP service contract, a pre-installation inspection, plus additional work as needed to return the system or environment to a supported configuration, may need to be carried out at an additional charge before the installation can be performed.
Customer responsibilities
Customer responsibilities, header
The Customer will:
Customer responsibilities
Contact an HP service specialist within 90 days of date of purchase to schedule the delivery of the service
Ensure that all service prerequisites, as identified during service planning, have been met
Uncrate products and place the boxes in the immediate location where the installation service will take place
Allow HP full and unrestricted access to all locations where the service is to be performed
Assign a designated person from the Customer's staff who, on behalf of the Customer, will grant all approvals; provide information; ensure that all hardware, firmware, and software that the HP service specialist will need in order to deliver this service are available and that software products are properly licensed; and otherwise be available to assist HP in facilitating the delivery of this service
Adhere to licensing terms and conditions regarding the use of any HP service tools used to facilitate the delivery of this service, if applicable
Be responsible for all data backup and restore operations
General provisions
General provisions/other exclusions
HP reserves the right to reprice this service if the Customer does not schedule and provide for subsequent delivery within 90 days of purchase.
Any services provided outside of HP standard business hours may be subject to additional charges.
HP reserves the right to charge, on a time and materials basis, for any additional work over and above the quoted service pricing that may result from work required to address service prerequisites or other requirements not met by the Customer.
HP's ability to delivery this service is dependent upon the Customer's full and timely cooperation with HP, as well as the accuracy and completeness of any information and data the Customer provides to HP.
Defective hardware, as identified during the installation, will be replaced or repaired under the original vendor warranty terms for HP-supplied or HP-supported products.
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